Technical SEO Serivices

Technical SEO services provided by Phoenix Systems (North West) Ltd.

Sometimes you find your website just doesn't perform, despite everyones best efforts!

That is where Technical SEO comes in.

What is Technical SEO

Imagine your website as a sports car. The web designers are the people that make it look like a sports car. We are the engineers that make it perform like a sports car, and technical SEO is our tool.

There are other elements that web designers are unaware of, and in most cases, have no control over that can effect the performance, and therefore the ranking of your website.

If the website isn't set up correctly on the server that hosts it, this will cause performance issues. Website performance is now rated highly by Google as a metric used for where to place  your website withing the rankings. This technical aspect of SEO is something that Phoenix Systems specialise in.


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