I.T. Audits

I.T. audits provided by Phoenix Systems (North West) Ltd.

Do you know what the health of Your I.T. systems actually is?

Includes security, patching, software licensing and much more.

Do You Know The State of Your Systems?

In an I.T. Audit we check that all your computers are patched. We check your network for week passwords.   We check that all your software is licensed and legal. We make sure your firewalls are secure and not letting anything  through they shouldn't be.

We also check your current support contract. We will look to see if your supplier is meeting the commitments they made to you.   We check that you aren't paying for something you don't need, but we also check to make sure nothing is missing that you do need.

At the end you are provided with a traffic lighted report to help you decide how you want to proceed. We can talk to your current support  provider on your behalf if you wish, and if you wanted to, we can help you find a new provider.


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